1. Can the clothes be washed together with the rest of the laundry?

They can be washed together with the rest of the colored laundry  by washing at  40° as indicated in the constructions within the packaging

2. Can other markers also be used?

No as we can only guarantee the best result by using our markers included in the kit as we have tested them and the colors don't melt with water and soap.

3. If the markers have run out of color?

They are Carioca markers easily to find or order online

4. Are there special warnings for washing or ironing?

For washing just follow the instructions attached to the garments. Only with regards to t-shirts you should not use the dryer because it spoils the print and for the same reason these must be ironed inside out.

5. How many times can one color, wash and color the garment again?

Many times. After several washes the print will faint a bit taking on a vintage look - like most t-shirts on the market. Anyway you can continue as long as you like to color the garments.

6. Is it possible to fix the color ?

Indelible markers for fabrics must be purchased separately. That way, following the instructions given by the supplier it will be possible to fix the color.

7. Are there garments for adults?

At the moment we only do garments and accessories for children but if you have a special request please do not hesitate to ask us via email.