Terms and conditions of use


The company Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi, Headquarters: Via Massa Avenza 38/B - 54100 (MS), Italy. Office: Piazza Dino Ricchetti 1, 19038 Sarzana (SP), Vat number: 01477030116 markets and distributes children's clothing and accessories in Italy and Europe through the website www.giokit.com (hereinafter 'site'). The present general conditions of sale (hereinafter conditions), regulate the purchase of products made remotely via computer via the website. These purchases are reserved for users of the site, residing in the European Union who intend to make use of product  sales services (hereinafter referred to as customers). The customer is obliged to inform him or herself to read these general conditions before completing the purchase on the site. This information in fact is intended as read, understood and fully accepted  by the customer at the time of making the purchase order. The customer must therefor comply with these general conditions and consider Giokit di Francesca Gianfranchi exempt from any conditions other than those in force not previously agreed in writing.

General Conditions

All items in the online store of Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi can be purchased until stock lasts. Those who are at least 18 years old and who have residence and / or domicile in one of the member countries of the European Union.
All products are subject to current availability. Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi reserves the right to change at any time the limits on the quantity and / or type of goods that can be purchased on the site. The customer will be informed if this order is unworkable due to to the availability of the ordered product. Product prices are expressed on the site in € E (Euro) and include all applicable taxes or duties. Delivery costs are excluded unless expressly indicated. Giokit di Francesca Gianfranchi constantly checks that all prices shown on the site are correct, without however guaranteeing the absence of errors. In case an error is found in the price of the product Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi will give the customer the opportunity to reconfirm the purchase of the products at the correct price or to cancel it. Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi reserves the right to implement special conditions of sale or promotions on the products print on its website. The conditions applied to the promotions will be governed from time to time by Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi through specific communications to its customers. Unless not specified these general conditions will be deemed applicable. Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of orders received and will communicate directly to the customer the impossibility of accepting orders. The contract between Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi and the customer shall be considered concluded when the order placed by the customer in compliance with the purchase order procedure indicated on the site. Once the debit authorization has been obtained from the issuing company the credit card used by the customer for payment it reaches the address of the website. The order sent to the customer will be binding for Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi only if the entire purchase procedure has been correctly  and regularly completed without any evidence of error on behalf of the site. Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi is not liable for malfunctions dependent on the data transmission network manager. By sending the order to Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi the customer acknowledges and declares to have read all the indications provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the general conditions. The purchase order form will be stored in the database of the site for the period of time required to process the orders. According to the provisions of art. 53 of the consumer code, the customer will receive at the time of execution of the contract a written confirmation via email of the purchased product and its amount paid. With the details of the price of the product and its shipping costs charged to it as well as the times and methods for returning the goods and the references to present any complaints or receive information on existing commercial guarantees.

Purchase Method

The procedure for completing a purchase order on the site provides the possibility of purchasing as a guest and as a registered user. The procedure for registering with the site requires the completion of an electronic form with areas that must be filled in with the customer's personal data and email address. These data will be precessed in accordance with the current privacy protection laws. Following registration the customer will the holder of a personal account which he or she can access through a strictly confidential username and password.

Terms Of Payment

Through the PayPal circuit of offered by our site you can safely pay safely both with your PayPal account and through the most common payment methods such as credit and debit card always with the security of the PayPal system.
The payment method that Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi prefers is: PayPal.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is the world's leading online payment company that enables buyers and companies to send and receive payments online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and territories. It is accepted by merchants worldwide - on eBay and other sites. Is is safe? PayPal allows you tp protect your credit card information thanks to innovative security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal your financial information is never communicated to the merchant. Why use PayPal?
With PayPal you can make purchases and send payments for free.
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Wire Transfer

Choosing this type of payment after confirming the order a page will be displayed with the bank details on which to make the transfer. Upon crediting to the account (the period may vary from 1 to 3 working days (depending on the bank and from the moment the transfer is processed) the order will be processed.
To anticipate shipping times you can send a copy of the payment receipt of your bank transfer to  servizioclienti@giokit.com

Pay Cash On Delivery

Pay cash on delivery is the payment method to pay directly upon delivery of the ordered products. It is possible to place orders on delivery for a maximum amount of € 500. This payment method provides a fixed charge of € 5.00. Upon delivery the customer will pay the total amount of the order directly to the Courier in cash. For can payments recommend preparing the exact amount of the amount due. The amount displayed on the site's page must be calculated with a surcharge of € 5.00 which is the cost of the delivery service.
The customer choosing the payment option CASH assumes the OBLIGATIONS to collect the goods and to pay the amount indicated in the car on delivery. If he or she intends notto purchase the goods he or she in any case must withdraw them communicating the intention o use only the right of the withdrawal with the conditions expressed in the paragraph cin regards to the right of the withdrawal for the request od reimbursement. In case of failure to collect the customer is given the option to proceed to legal action for non-compliance with the contract and recovery of all expenses incurred.


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