Giokit also offers the possibility of having customized products:

Over the years we have collaborated with various companies and well-known brands, developing graphics to reflect their identity on a variety of products that can be given either as corporate gifts or distributed directly by the company itself.

For example for ‘Eataly’ we have studied food and agriculture themed designs for place mats and
t-shirts, while with ‘Siggi’ - a historic school and work clothing brand -, we created collections of school aprons and accessories with our ‘Giokit’ concept and graphics.

The conditions will be defined according to the type of product and the graphics requested,
For information on this or to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact us at
Please insert "Bespoke project” in the subject of the email

Here are some examples of our customization:

Giokit by Francesca Gianfranchi

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