'Giokit’ A fresh, new approach to children's clothing in which every single item becomes a creative opportunity.
100% cotton t-shirts, dresses and placemats are sold in a kit which includes the materials needed to customize each item. The prints are all exclusive, designed and produced in Italy and created specifically to be reworked or coloured by children.
The markers are naturally non-toxic and certified. The best thing is that the game never ends, because if the child wants to change his or her design (with the markers included), it only takes a single machine wash (together with your normal laundry!) to erase the design and start the fun all over again!
Our products are ideally suited to toys and children's clothing stores, children's bookshops and museum bookshops due to their stimulating creativity. If you’d like to become our reseller please fill in the form below and you will be contacted by our customer support as soon as possible.

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